We're excited to invite kids from ages 10-18 to our inaugural summer strength and conditioning camp. This camp is will be tons of fun not only for athletes, but also for kids who are interested in learning more about CrossFit and training for health and wellness. We plan to explain the "why" behind many principles of exercise. A few examples... Why are dynamic warm ups effective? When is the best time to do static stretching? Why are sleep and hydration vital for health and performance? We believe that answering questions like these will make a huge impact on our participants as they grow and move into sport seasons. And while we will not be able to attack each athlete's sport specifically, this program will make them stronger, faster, and better conditioned come fall.

Camp Details:

Athletes have a choice between 2 and 3 classes per week. Classes will run June 5th-July 29th, and we will have 2 rain check weeks (July 31st-August 11th) for emergencies/those that go on summer vacation. Classes will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:15-11:45am or 3-4:30pm. For staffing purposes, we ask for participants' commitment to a class time for the 8-week program. 2 day a week participants will need to commit to a time but will be able to choose which two days they come in each week. We believe that 8 weeks is ideal for optimal/clear performance improvement. The cost per session is $15. So, 2x week will figure to $240 for the entire program and 3x week will figure to $360. There is a 10% Discount for families who send multiple children. Sign up below!

-Sessions will be 90 minutes long. Here is how they're structured:

1. Dynamic warm up/game and instruction.

2. Strength segment and instruction... Stronger is better! Learning how to squat, deadlift, press, and row allow us time to teach participants proper body mechanics. These mechanics are crucial to life, sport, and injury prevention. Gymnastics, Powerlifting, and Olympic lifting movements are all fair game here. Allowing athletes to develop a fair level of proficiency in all of these exercise domains is not only fun, but it develops well-roundedness. It also gives kids a chance to experiment with training they may want to pursue in the future!

3. Conditioning segment and instruction... These could be individual or team workouts. All workouts are alterable to any age and ability level. This is called "scaling" and is an extremely valuable piece in having a knowledgeable coach. Before this segment begins, we will complete movement prep and figure out options for athletes to have a safe, challenging work out. We will also talk about pacing here.

4. Cool down/stretch... This will be mandatory because a mobile athlete is a healthy athlete! We look forward to teaching what stretches give us the most bang for our buck and how to use cool downs for injury prevention, especially in multiple event weeks.