Shana Boyle


Shana is a Florida girl through and through. She was born in Vero Beach and grew up in Jensen Beach. An interesting fact about her is that she have a twin sister. Growing up, she dabbled in some sports, but honestly was never really an athlete, in all reality she was a band nerd in high school. She's always kept active doing something, whether it was running, golf, mountain biking, or going to the gym. After high school, she moved to Gainesville, FL for college and earned her Ph.D. in Pediatric Psychology. Gainesville is where she also met a strapping young lad named Geoff Boyle. They actually met at American Eagle, where they both worked part-time jobs. They got married in 2013 and she dragged him to Delaware for 2 years where she finished her psychology residency and fellowship at Nemours. During that time, they added their first-born to the family; Radar Adam Boyle. He is a pit mix and is often mistaken for the "Target" dog. Fast forward, and here they are back in Florida now with a 2-year-old daughter Avery. She's still working for Nemours as a psychologist and love what she does!

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You recently completed a full cycle of Barbell Club. What was your interest/reasoning to try it out and what did you learn/gain from it?
I had been thinking about joining Barbell Club for quite some time before taking the plunge. I'll be honest- I was intimidated. I sort of told myself, "I need to get better at CrossFit before doing barbell."  As I continued with CrossFit, I noticed that I was being challenged by coaches and members to lift more weight (in an encouraging way). I also noticed that I was stuck. I was trying to "muscle" a lot of lifts, and I was hitting a wall. I also was sacrificing form for time. So, that's when I decided that the only way I am going to improve my lifts is going back to square one and taking the time to learn the fundamentals. I also needed to learn to stop comparing the weight on my bar with others. I would highly recommend barbell club to ANYONE- whether you are new or a seasoned athlete. Yee was so incredibly helpful, patient, and encouraging. She is spot on with her feedback. Before barbell, I was intimidated by lifting. It really helped improve my strength and confidence. I am definitely applying what I learned in Barbell to WODs.

You have a sweet little girl Avery and a full time job, how do you manage your time to be consistent with the gym and still do everything else you need to do?
I'm sure a lot of us can relate- but it is hard (and sometimes impossible) to balance parenting, work, and the gym. Our family has a bit of a routine during the week, which helps. I am grateful to have a partner who also is invested in fitness. There are definitely sacrifices we have to make, but we also realize that the gym is sort of our time to decompress and work on our health. When Avery gets to join, it's always fun. It's really awesome having such supportive and family-friendly people in the gym who are looking out for us if we need an extra hand.


Who wins more workouts, you or Geoff?
Do you think Geoff actually had a shoulder injury? I think he just needed an excuse.

I saw you recently booked some flights to Europe for a big trip. Is traveling something you've always done, or wish you could do more?
Yes, we just booked a summer trip to Paris and London! We rarely get a chance to travel with our work schedules and now with being parents. This will actually be our first vacation since our honeymoon 5 years ago (during which there was a tropical storm). It is something we have always wanted to do! We've already looked up CrossFit Gyms. We are officially brainwashed.


Who in your life is somebody you aspire to be like and why?
Geoff is probably going to hate me for this, but I actually aspire to be a lot like him. He has so much patience and is the most humble person I know. He also has a very competitive nature and is always looking for ways to better himself. I also aspire to be like my dog- a life of spoon-fed peanut butter and naps around the clock.

What are some hobbies you enjoy either personally or with the family?
Aside from Crossfit, I love going to the beach and pool when I can. I also love to check out new restaurants, breweries, and markets/festivals around town. I have a MAD sweet tooth, and so I also have to say ice cream is a solid hobby of mine. 

I saw that you registered to compete in a local event coming up in February. What made you want to sign up?
You're right- I just signed up for my first ever competition- the CF904 Valentine's Day Massacre! Geoff did Rep Your Box this past year, and he really seemed to enjoy it. After watching him and other friends compete, I told myself I would do a competition some day. I am really excited, but also a little nervous. I feel like I am at the point where I won't make a total fool of myself, so why not?

You have really come a long way since training with us. I know there's so much more growth we will see over time but we wanted to acknowledge you and your efforts in the gym. Do you have any closing thoughts or comments you'd like to share?
Coming from another awesome gym (shoutout to NorthJax CrossFit) and still being relatively new to CrossFit, I am just so thankful that we have found a home at SoFit Athletics. The community is really something special. I am constantly challenged every time I step foot in the gym. I hate that CrossFit sometimes gets a "bad rap." I think our gym embodies what CrossFit is all about- improving health, encouraging and motivating each other to be better, and having fun while doing it. I really appreciate all the coaches and members who have made me and my family feel welcome. I have made a lot of gains since starting in June and am excited to set new goals for this year!