Joanne (JoJo) Perrotti

JoJo is from a small town in NE Ohio on a farm with her 50+ first cousins. She's from a large family that routinely spent a lot of time together. From getting together on Sunday's for church to hanging out at the farm and eating trays of Grandma's Cinnamon Buns, family was a big part of her childhood. With all these kids, naturally the family was very active in sports. Her family built an ice hockey rink in her back yard fully equipped with  goals and everything. They also had a basketball court, did gymnastics in the barn, water skied in the summer, you name it.

JoJo was a great athlete herself and dabbled with Softball, Gymnastics (placing 10th in Junior Nationals), ran the 800m in track and even took Jazz and Tap dancing on the side. Fast forward to today, JoJo has a family of her own with four tremendous kids. She moved to Jacksonville in 1995 and that's where she met the love of her life, Paul F. Perrotti whom she says is "the most amazing and generous man she has ever known."

The coaches have really noticed a difference in the way you're training lately. You seem to be determined to get better everyday. What's been motivating that?


I have to give credit to my brother in law, Danny Perrotti, for introducing me to CrossFit. I didn't even know what a barbell was and here I am 1 and a half years later! Last year I signed up for the 2016 CrossFit Open and was satisfied just being able to complete all the scaled workouts. This year my goal was to do better than last year and I was happy to do just that. When I joined Bold City it was like becoming a part of a family. I enjoy the friendships and there's a comfort in working out with others who share your pain (a.k.a Old City CrossFit). 

Who is someone in your life that inspires you?

My mother is my biggest inspiration. We experienced some of the same struggles at similar ages. Her drive to always push through whatever difficulty in life she was experiencing gives me strength to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She sets specific goals and is persistent in achieving them. She has this magical presence about herself that motivates others to achieve more in life.

What are some things you enjoy outside the gym?

Spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy attending sporting events and traveling.

If you owned a billboard on I95, what would you want it so say?

"Thank you Jax for welcoming my family to yours, wrapping your arms around me, and supporting the growth of my children. I couldn't have done it so well without all of you. Thank you, my friends."

What are some future goals you have regarding your fitness?

I just want to keep improving me endurance and strength. I'd like to strengthen the muscles needed to do a pull up. When I pass the series seven securities exam this year, I'd like to start learning more about nutrition. I may even try the Barbell Club so I can hang out with Yee and John. 

What's something in your life that you're most proud of?

I am so very proud of the success of my children. They light up my life, exceed my expectations and continue to amaze me. We have so much fun when we get together. They're good kids and they're proud of me too.

Thanks for letting us do this piece on you. Do you have any closing comments or thoughts you'd like to share?

Ryan and Ruben, keep doing what you're doing. I love you guys!