Shaun Hayes

Shaun was born in LA but he grew up in Cocoa and Palm Bay. He has a twin brother and when he was younger he even played in a band. After that faded away Shaun realized it was time to get a real job and he's been a workaholic ever since. Shaun has held various positions from managing a Panera Bread, Managing the Apple store in the Town Center and is now the manager of a new company Carvana which is changing the way people buy cars.

It's obvious that Shaun is an entrepreneur and when asked why he's made so many career changes in the past few years he said "I'm always looking for an opportunity that will provide professional development. Each change I've made has provided growth in an area I felt I was lacking." One of Shaun's ideal career's would be to mentor people on how to manage people, build their own careers and develop talent. Throughout his career Shaun used one simple statement to gauge his impact on the teams he's lead "those teams that are the most successful, are those that are brilliant with the basics." I think this really applies to life and even CrossFit. Let's get to know Shaun a little more through a few questions we wanted to ask him.

There's a rumor that you have a world record sized Dachshund, can you tell us about that and your buddy J-Mo?
Jameson may also have the record for being the sleepiest and easiest dog ever. Jameson gets a lot of attention when we go places, so one time at a Beer Festival some friends thought it would be funny to tell people he was a world record sized Dachshund (which he's not). Some people believe us and other people know we were lying pretty instantly. 

You've been really consistent with both the group classes and following the barbell club. What is different now than previous times where coming to the gym in general was tough to do consistently?
Like most people, I was pretty unsure about CrossFit in the beginning. I have a lot of friends that have been into it for a while. When I took a year off in 2016, I felt a pretty quick drop in how active I was as well as my eating habits. From there I decided that I wouldn’t choose what work outs I felt good about and what ones I did not. This has caused me to improve in areas that I found intimidating or frustrating. Its tough to figure out a schedule that works, but its possible!

What have you enjoyed the most about Barbell Club so far?
The barbell club has helped me understand the basics and the impact good foundation can have on the lifts. Yee and John are great.

What physical goals do you have at the gym that you'd like to accomplish in the next year?
My goal this year is to compete at "Rep Your Box" as long as my job will allow it!

It's been really nice to see you so consistent in the gym and to even hear your hard work has paid off with PR's in both of the Olympic Lifts! Thanks for taking some time to answer our questions and let everybody get to know you a little better!