Kory Chaumley


Kory Chaumley was born in Pontiac, Michigan which is 10 minutes outside Detroit, Michigan. He has 5 brothers and 3 sisters and comes from a sports fanatic family.  The 4 boys on his dad’s side were named after great sports athletes. David (Dave Bing), Orlando Jerome (OJ... you know) and Kory, Kurence Ali (Muhammed Ali). Kory played sports all his life but he never lifted weights until he was 25. He volunteered with inner city youth and didn’t want them to beat him up because he was so skinny, so he trained like a bodybuilder for about 10 years. He loved lifting but stopped because he stopped working with youth back in 2013. Kory is an avid snowboarder. and he travels out west once a year, twice if he's lucky, to hit the slopes. He works as a computer professional but is not a "nerd" by any stretch. We asked Kory some questions to dig a little deeper into his goals and success with CrossFit, here's what he had to say.

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What or who made you originally want to try CrossFit?
I started back lifting as well as meal prepping about 100 days before I tried CrossFit.  After finishing a 90 days program, I didn’t have the motivation to take the next step in the program.  I’d seen footage of past CrossFit games and I thought they were pretty strong and it seemed to have a competitive element to it.  So, I found the nearest Box which was SoFit and came in.  I met John and he chatted with me.  I also met Rodney; he told me how much weight he lost and my son and I were blown away.   

What were some goals you had initially coming in?
I was approaching the big Four-Oh and I wanted a six pack for the first time since I was 18 in college.  All the CrossFit games athletes had them so I said maybe this will keep me motivated.  

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Who are you outside the gym?
My son takes up a huge part of my life.  He lives in Orlando so my commute to get him eats up a huge chunk of my time.  We travel out west together for snowboard trips.  I used to be a public figure in Michigan so I enjoy not having anything to do and going places without people recognizing me.  So, privacy is what I enjoy the most.  

Who is someone who inspires you?
I’m inspired by anyone who is willing to take risks.  People inspire me who don’t allow fear to stop them from completing their goals.  People who will not give up no matter how hard things get motivate me as well.  

What is something you're afraid of?
I have a common fear that I don’t trust people with because its easily manipulated.  But if I get to know you and know you will not try to play tricks on me then I’ll tell you. 

How do you find the time or make the time to be consistent every week?
A person told me that “You cannot succeed without an obsession”.  The obsession with CrossFit as a sport causes me to make time no matter how inconvenient it is.  Another motivation is that I don’t want to continue to scale all the time.  I know I’m older than others but that doesn’t mean I must use that as a crutch.  I’ve been coming enough that I should get closer to what you prescribe more than scale.  I need to continue to improve and gain the techniques I need to be a respected CrossFit athlete.  

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I know you recently got a Bar Muscle Up and I saw you squat 235 for reps on the pause squat day. What are some other accomplishments you're proud of and what are some movements or milestones you have your sights on?
What I’m proud of is the days I am not dying after the workouts.  For the first few months, every workout I thought I was going to die.  I was breathing so hard. Now that only happens half the time so I know I’m getting fitter. 

I have a huge problem with mobility.  I broke my leg and severely injured my ankle many years ago and I have very limited mobility in my right ankle.  It makes it hard on overhead squats and front squats.  So, I would love to overcome that so I can start seriously working on Snatches and those moves where great mobility is required.  Also, I need to learn how to do double-unders.

We really enjoy and appreciate you as a member. You come in, work hard, listen, are consistent and always have a great attitude. Do you have any closing thoughts or comments you would like to add?
I just want to say that SoFit is a Top Notch, Premium CrossFit Box.  You and Ruben are excellent coaches.  The more experienced members are great in encouragement and they are your second set of eyes on us.  I’ve visited a few boxes in Orlando and they are nowhere near the quality of SoFit.  You guys coach everyone no matter their skill level so I always feel safe no matter what we’re doing.  People have given CrossFit a bad name.  They say it’s dangerous and this and that.  I think it’s because there aren’t coaches like you guys everywhere.  I also want to thank everyone who is so nice and cool to me there.