Kory Chaumley


Kory Chaumley was born in Pontiac, Michigan which is 10 minutes outside Detroit, Michigan. He has 5 brothers and 3 sisters and comes from a sports fanatic family.  The 4 boys on his dad’s side were named after great sports athletes. David (Dave Bing), Orlando Jerome (OJ... you know) and Kory, Kurence Ali (Muhammed Ali). Kory played sports all his life but he never lifted weights until he was 25. He volunteered with inner city youth and didn’t want them to beat him up because he was so skinny, so he trained like a bodybuilder for about 10 years. He loved lifting but stopped because he stopped working with youth back in 2013. Kory is an avid snowboarder. and he travels out west once a year, twice if he's lucky, to hit the slopes. He works as a computer professional but is not a "nerd" by any stretch. We asked Kory some questions to dig a little deeper into his goals and success with CrossFit, here's what he had to say.

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What or who made you originally want to try CrossFit?
I started back lifting as well as meal prepping about 100 days before I tried CrossFit.  After finishing a 90 days program, I didn’t have the motivation to take the next step in the program.  I’d seen footage of past CrossFit games and I thought they were pretty strong and it seemed to have a competitive element to it.  So, I found the nearest Box which was SoFit and came in.  I met John and he chatted with me.  I also met Rodney; he told me how much weight he lost and my son and I were blown away.   

What were some goals you had initially coming in?
I was approaching the big Four-Oh and I wanted a six pack for the first time since I was 18 in college.  All the CrossFit games athletes had them so I said maybe this will keep me motivated.  

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Who are you outside the gym?
My son takes up a huge part of my life.  He lives in Orlando so my commute to get him eats up a huge chunk of my time.  We travel out west together for snowboard trips.  I used to be a public figure in Michigan so I enjoy not having anything to do and going places without people recognizing me.  So, privacy is what I enjoy the most.  

Who is someone who inspires you?
I’m inspired by anyone who is willing to take risks.  People inspire me who don’t allow fear to stop them from completing their goals.  People who will not give up no matter how hard things get motivate me as well.  

What is something you're afraid of?
I have a common fear that I don’t trust people with because its easily manipulated.  But if I get to know you and know you will not try to play tricks on me then I’ll tell you. 

How do you find the time or make the time to be consistent every week?
A person told me that “You cannot succeed without an obsession”.  The obsession with CrossFit as a sport causes me to make time no matter how inconvenient it is.  Another motivation is that I don’t want to continue to scale all the time.  I know I’m older than others but that doesn’t mean I must use that as a crutch.  I’ve been coming enough that I should get closer to what you prescribe more than scale.  I need to continue to improve and gain the techniques I need to be a respected CrossFit athlete.  

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I know you recently got a Bar Muscle Up and I saw you squat 235 for reps on the pause squat day. What are some other accomplishments you're proud of and what are some movements or milestones you have your sights on?
What I’m proud of is the days I am not dying after the workouts.  For the first few months, every workout I thought I was going to die.  I was breathing so hard. Now that only happens half the time so I know I’m getting fitter. 

I have a huge problem with mobility.  I broke my leg and severely injured my ankle many years ago and I have very limited mobility in my right ankle.  It makes it hard on overhead squats and front squats.  So, I would love to overcome that so I can start seriously working on Snatches and those moves where great mobility is required.  Also, I need to learn how to do double-unders.

We really enjoy and appreciate you as a member. You come in, work hard, listen, are consistent and always have a great attitude. Do you have any closing thoughts or comments you would like to add?
I just want to say that SoFit is a Top Notch, Premium CrossFit Box.  You and Ruben are excellent coaches.  The more experienced members are great in encouragement and they are your second set of eyes on us.  I’ve visited a few boxes in Orlando and they are nowhere near the quality of SoFit.  You guys coach everyone no matter their skill level so I always feel safe no matter what we’re doing.  People have given CrossFit a bad name.  They say it’s dangerous and this and that.  I think it’s because there aren’t coaches like you guys everywhere.  I also want to thank everyone who is so nice and cool to me there.

Amalia Suarez


Amalia was born in Bogota, Columbia and lived there for most of her life. She is the oldest of three (one brother and one sister) and was very big into family growing up. After High School Amalia went to design school for clothing and soon after met her husband. Through work, Amalia and her husband left Columbia and moved to New York where she spent three years. She has always been into working out but not necessarily sports, she just enjoys being healthy. After a short stint in New York her and her husband moved to Jacksonville FL where she found SoFit Athletics. Amalia primarily speaks spanish but still wanted to join the gym and see what CrossFit was all about.


When you joined the gym, what made you feel comfortable enough after fundamentals to actually be a member, especially one that primarily spoke Spanish?
When I came into the gym for the first time people were very friendly to me. Even though I don't speak much english and most of them don't speak spanish they would still try to help me and would say hi to me. It made me feel comfortable and Ruben and Ryan also worked hard to make me feel comfortable.


What are some things you enjoy doing outside the gym?
I like to go to the beach, restaurants and to travel around. Jacksonville is a very peaceful place and I enjoy the nice weather here compared to New York which was very cold, and people weren't as friendly as they are here.

What's your favorite restaurant?
I like Ruby Tuesday because of the Salad Bar. I like to eat healthy.

Do you have any quotes or phrases of inspiration that you live by?
I am a Christian so I use the Bible to give me strength especially in being away from my family. I really like Philippians 4:13 which says "I can do all things from Christ who gives me strength."


What are some things that you have liked about SoFit Athletics?
I have worked out at a lot of different places and it got so boring riding on a bike or elliptical for an hour and then lifting weights alone. This gym feels like a family and I like the competitiveness in the gym that pushes me. I have a lot of fun when I'm there and it works the entire body. I am sad that I have to leave.

You have been a real inspiration to us. You came in to a new place not speaking the same language a majority of the people in it, but you trusted us to be able to help you. We really appreciate the opportunity to work with you and that you gave to us to help us grow as coaches. We're sad to hear you're moving but only wish the best for you! Do you have anything in closing that you would like to say?
The gym has been one of my favorite places to go and it feels like a family to me. I am really going to miss it and am sad I have to leave. Thank you to everybody for being so friendly and thank you to Ruben and Ryan for working with me!

Zack Haygood

Zack is originally from Tampa, FL but spent some time living overseas as well. In high school he was big into basketball, traveling up and down the east coast playing in tournaments and out of state schools. After high school he went on to college in South Carolina, but got bored and joined the Army where he spent the next 8 years as an Infantryman at Fort Drum, NY. Currently, he is a Financial Analyst for MGA, but recently got accepted to a position in D.C. with the Capital Police. 

This has been a big year for you. Can you tell us about some goals you have achieved recently?
This has definitely been a crazy year. This year I was able to compete more than ever, received my MBA from Liberty University, and most importantly, tried a ton of donut shops.

Competition seems to be something you enjoy very much about CrossFit. What can you tell people that don't compete the importance of potentially entering a local competition one day?
In the words of the late Shia Labeouf, "Do it!" Competition brings out the best in you and shows where improvements can be made. Don't worry if you don't think you'll win, that's not the point. Get out and push yourself. You might just be surprised at what you can do.

What's your favorite Donut Shop?
Hands down Donnies Donuts in Daytona Beach. Pretty sure it's the stuff unicorns are made from.

Why are you trying to ruin a good thing and move somewhere else?!
I've always loved D.C., and who doesn't love a new adventure?!

When you leave and enter local competitions in other places, are you going to fly Taylor to visit so she can do all the weightlifting portions of the event?
Absolutely! You don't expect me to lift anything heavy do you? The first team competition we did, the judge told me to just stand there and let her do all the lifts!

If you had a billboard that you couldn't use for advertising, what would you want it to say?
Look in the mirror. That's your competition.

What do you think you'll miss most about Jacksonville?
Honestly, the gym. Hands down the best group of people I've ever known. I've been to many gyms, but none have been as great of friends and community as it is here. 

The world wants to know... what's realllly going on with you and Taylor???
That's my donut partner in crime. We know how to push each other to bring out our bestin one another.

We're really sad to see you go but wish you the best of luck. We'll continue your billing cycle in your memory and incase you ever decide to come back. Do you have any final thoughts, comments or words of encouragement?
Thank you for everything over the past year. I've learned so much from all the coaches and have learned to push myself harder because I don't want Jen or Charity to yell at me. The biggest thing that I can say is to have fun, stick with it, eat a donut, and do it again the next day.

Tori Hope

Tori is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and first moved to Florida just before high school. Since then, she's been a bit of a nomad, both with and without her family. She's moved states or cities 8 or 9 times since 2004, most recently landing here in Jax to attend UNF. Besides being a student Tori works in Human Resources for an engineering firm. Outside of that she's just a crazy dog lady, a wine lover, an aspiring home cook, and a wanna be photographer. 

Who got you started doing CrossFit? 

Kinda of just wander in to a box by myself a couple years ago. I use to work out in a big box gym with my Dad, which I loved, because it gave us time together. But as I got older, that past time slipped away. When I was ready to go back to the gym, I knew I did not want another globo gym. So, I tried Crossfit, and we've had an on/off relationship ever since.  

What were your initial feelings about the program?

I loved that everything was programed. No need to think/plan my own workout. However, I hated how it blatantly exposed how unfit I had become. 

You come very regularly to class and have even been coming early/staying after to work on personal goals. Where do you find the motivation to be so diligent? 

Rather than finding the motivation, I ran out of excuses as to why not. I got sick of constantly being at the same level due to inconsistency and lack of effort. So I committed to myself to go at least 4 days a week, no matter how or when I had to make it happen. I'm very goal oriented, so I asked Ruben for some help with goal setting, and what to do to work towards those goals regularly. I started celebrating the mini victories, even if it's just 1 second faster, or one more rep. Lastly, I'm just stubborn and competitive. 

Do you have any favorite quotes that you live your life by or resonate with you?

"Change begins at the end of your comfort zone."
"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough."

(No idea who actually said either of those) 

What are some career or life goals you have outside the gym?

My main goal right now is to finish school and become a Registered Dietitian. I hope to one day help prevent and treat chronic disease with nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

Zack Morris or A.C. Slater?

A.C. Slater, hands down. 

What are some things you really enjoy about the gym?

Our growing community is pretty awesome! The more I started leaning in to the gym and the community the more I started getting out of it. Which, in turn makes me want to lean in even more. In recent months many of the Bold City members have become not only friends but, the closet thing I have to family here in Jax. I'm incredibly grateful for them, the gym, and our community. Whether they are pushing me in a WOD, offering to run extra with me, or just reminding me to work on mobility, I wouldn't be as far as I am with out their support. I also love the strength work we've been doing on Tuesday and Thursdays.  

Thank you for being you! We hope to have 100 members like you and are really proud of all the effort and energy you bring to class everyday. Do you have any closing thoughts or comments?

I can't really thank you and Ruben enough! It's obvious how much you guys pour into your athletes, and all you request in return is that we show up and work hard. I'm excited to see where SoFit is headed, and I'm looking forward to growing with y'all. 

Isabella Horning

Sports have always been a huge part of Isabella's life. She lettered in three sports in high school (basketball, volleyball, and softball) and also loves to play Beach Volleyball. Isabella attended Bishop Kenny High School and recently graduated on May 20! She received a Falcon Scholarship from the Air Force Academy and will be attending New Mexico Military Institute for a year of prep school before going to the Air Force Academy. Isabella has always wanted to serve her country and after some back and forth between the Army and Air Force is happy with her decision and what the future has in store for her.


How did you find out about Bold City CrossFit and what made you want to join?
I just looked up CrossFit gyms near me and Bold City CrossFit was one of the ones that came up. It stood out to me because there was a picture of all the military flags hanging in the gym. 

What were some of your goals coming into the program?
I was coming back from a bad concussion and needed to get back in shape. I wanted to be in the best shape I could be in when I went to the Air Force Academy.

You seemed a little shy initially coming into the gym but lately we've noticed you've been much more out going. Are you having a least a little fun when you come in?
It always takes a little time for me to warm up and come out of my shell. I love CrossFit and going to the classes. It's the best part of my day!

For being so young you're very motivated, where do you think that comes from?
Being motivated to me is just part of being an athlete. In any sport or exercise I tried I wanted to be the best. I think my motivation also comes from wanting to achieve my dreams. Once I knew I wanted to go to a Service Academy I pushed myself to the best I could be. 


What are some goals you have for school and down the road?
My goal is to graduate from the United States Air Force Academy and be commissioned as an Air Force Officer.

If you had to give some advice to someone interested in becoming a member of our gym, what would you say?
Join! Don't have any hesitations because I wish I had joined sooner. Also just go in and do your best every workout and don't hesitate to try new things.