What is Fundamentals?

Fundamentals is an introduction to the foundational movements commonly seen in our exercise program. It starts with the basics of learning how to move your body in space, and then evolves into moving external objects such as barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, etc… and finally progresses into loading those movements and applying intensity relative to you as an individual. Our main focus is to first master the Mechanics of the movements, show Consistency in those mechanics and only when it’s appropriate, add Intensity.


Option 1:


This option includes (3) Personal Training sessions with one of our coaches that are each 1 hour long. Each session will include a warm up, teaching section breaking down movements, and finally a workout catered to you as an individual.

Upon completion of these classes you’ll continue your membership in our group classes and continue to develop your understanding and application of fundamentals.

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Option 2:

Fundamentals &
1st Month Membership

Like Option 1, this will include the (3) x 1 hour sessions with a coach going over the fundamental movements and their progressions. The only difference is this price point will include your first month’s membership.

The quicker you’re able to schedule your private sessions, the sooner you will be able to jump in classes on our schedule and take advantage of a discounted rate.

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Option 3:

Fundamentals &
3 Month’s Membership

This option is one step further than Option 2. It is our belief that to judge a program on it’s success, it takes roughly 90 days to see significant improvements. This option is for the person who is ready to make a change and committed to their goals.

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