SoFit Athletics is a community-based fitness program geared to give you well rounded results.

We offer an exciting and encouraging atmosphere with top tier coaches who care about you as an individual. We write the program, teach the movements and get people results... All we need is you!



Why SoFit?

Our program is infinitely scalable to any ability level and takes the thought out of fitness. We create the program that will appropriately challenge you, be safe and effective. 


We have a variety of options to become a member of our gym! Get started by choosing which membership option suits your goals the best!


Get Started

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What We Offer


CrossFit is a group class lead by a coach that incorporates conditioning, weightlifting and gymnastics in a variety of combinations. 

Barbell Club

Barbell Club is either a stand alone membership for athletes interested in competing in the sport of weightlifting, or a supplemental class used to compliment our other class options.

Conditioning Club

Conditioning Club is a class that focuses on increasing aerobic capacity. Each class is structured by a coach which includes a warm up, workouts with individualized goals and recovery.

Fit For Life

Fit For Life classes are lead by a coach and are inherently longer duration workouts that focus less on the weights and more on conditioning movements and exercises.

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